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New York Cosmetics

Wax Melt | Cocoa & Patchouli

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A generously sized clamshell filled with six cubes of our luxuriously scented wax. Our wax blend is designed to gently melt and release a long lasting fragrance that will effortlessly enhance any space.

Cocoa and Patchouli is an intense cacophony of pleasantly intrusive scents that envelopes the senses in a densely sweet haze. Rich seductive patchouli, sweet berries and flower are heavily laden with nectar, are cut through with earthy spices and balanced with the slight bitterness of dark cocoa.

Top notes: Apple, Grapefruit, Cucumber

Heart notes: Magnolia, Tuberose, Muguet, Rose, Violet

Base notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Musk