Some small but important changes

We've moved to a different platform so that we can bring you the most unified and simple shopping process possible. The look might be a little different but the improvements are immeasurable. We can still be found at the same New York Cosmetics Website 

Carbon Offset

Why New York Cosmetics purchases carbon offsets

New York Cosmetics has adopted carbon offsets as a tactic that is part of a larger strategy:

  1. Reduce direct emissions as much as possible.
  2. Offset all remaining emissions.

To be clear, offsets are not a replacement for taking actions to reduce our carbon footprint—they are a last resort to compensate for emissions we can’t currently avoid.

We take steps to reduce our emissions by being mindful of our footprint, but we also pay to offset our emissions from things like deliveries made on your purchase with us. Our offset is in partnership with Pachama.



As before you can pay for your order at New York Cosmetics using all major credit/debit cards as well as splitting your payment up using Clear Pay but you now have the added benefit of being able to checkout using Shop Pay and track your order via the Shop app

As with all new thigs there'll be teething problems and we're ironing them out as quick as we can so if you experience any problems please let us know so we can rectify this for you.

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Exciting times!

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