Who are we?

We are a home aromatherapy company. That’s likely over-simplified, but it’s cleaner than a long list of descriptors. We produce an extensive range of products, a collaborative explosion of Home and body goodies fuelled by a community of amazing customers, developers, and designers. We use the word “aromatherapy” a lot on our website and when talking to us, so come be our friend and see what aromatherapy can do for you.

Currently, unless stated otherwise on the product, all items are made to order. This increases the delivery time by 48 hours. We appreciate your understanding and patience regarding this.

Our Story


Simply put, because we care. We care about you, we care about our products and we care about the planet.

We don’t want to fill your home with harmful items that are carcinogenic or fill the world with non recyclable plastics. At New York Cosmetics we have a strong ethos that we stick to, to use recycled/recyclable packaging where possible and working to change the things that aren’t.